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Laser and Plasma Cutting Services

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The APP Bystronic 3500W Laser System
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The APP Heavy Capacity Plasma Punch
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Since their introduction to the commercial manufacturing industry over twenty years ago, the laser has found uses in many applications, including cutting, welding, drilling and engraving, because of its flexibility in processing a broad range of materials and exact precision.

Parts that previously needed to be cut, punched and perhaps etched through separate processes can now be handled with a single program keyed into the laser's computerized controller.

Housed in a vibration-free environment, APP lasers include two cutting tables that shuttle back and forth material to minimize cycle time.  What once took 30 seconds with conventional equipment to process takes about two seconds using laser technology.

Another advantage of APP laser cutting is its highly focused heat.  Just-cut parts can be handled by operators almost immediately, there is minimal edge hardening of material reducing stress and distortion, edges are smooth and square and do not usually require deburring. 

APP laser cutting will make your operation more profitable by reducing time and material expenses and by producing higher quality metal materials.

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Bystronic 3500  
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