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Wilton Corporation
Wilton Corporation was founded as a miscellaneous metals fabricator serving the bridge and heavy highway construction markets. Over 25 years in business the company has prospered and diversified into other markets and currently operates a division called Automated Plate Processing that specializes in high technology processing of metal and non-metal parts for the construction and manufacturing industries.

Wilton maintains a staff of engineers to develop innovative solutions to complex projects such as bridge rehabilitation. Often times Wilton is called on to repair bridges that are 50-60 years old. This type of project is particularly challenging as the materials and methods used 60 years ago are not necessarily available today.

A Wilton BridgeCommon products fabricated for bridges both new and old are bearings, expansion joints, guardrails, pedestrian railing systems, and underbridge water mains. On bridges under 75' in length, the entire structural steel system can be supplied.

As an additional product line, wilton stocks underdrain and electrical conduit materials used on bridge and highway projects.

In recent years, Wilton has purchased an additional 27,000 SF building to accommodate future expansion. Moving forward, Wilton is anticipating the installation of robotics welding cells in 1999..

Wilton Corp Facility

Telephone & Electrical Conduit
and Accessories in PVC
- Galvanized Steel and Fiberglass Reinforced
- Expansion Joint Seals
- Cast Iron and Fiberglass Scuppers
-Anchor bolts

- Bridge Expansion Joints
- Compression, Strip, and Finger Joints
- Trash Racks, Pipe and Tube Handrails, Noise Wall Posts, Ladders, Drainage
Pipe, Steel & Aluminum Frame
and Grate Assemblies
- Miscellaneous Fabricated metals for Bridge, Tunnel, Dam, Pier,
Roadway, and
Sewer Pipe

- Welding
- Burning
- Cutting
- Drilling
- Threading
- Pipe Bending
- Punching
- Painting

Phone: 410.833.8500
Fax: 410.833.0623

PO Box 248
Finksburg MD 21048

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