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Automated Plate Processing

APP uses Bystronic laser cutting systemsAutomated Plate Processing is a company that specializes in laser and plasma shape cutting and hydraulic punching of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum in thicknesses up to 1-1/4".

Utilizing the latest in fabricating equipment, Automated Plate Processing can combine the  operations of layout, punching, contouring and cutting to finished length on one system.  Up to three different hole sizes or slots can be punched at the same time.  Shapes may be cut one by one or nested into large sheets for maximum Plate cutting.material usage.  Using our laser and plasma punch equipment.

Automated Plate Processing can perminately engrave parts using the same cutting tools to reflect heat numbers, part numbers, or fabrication instructions.  The engraving can be adjusted to be visible after galvanizing or painting as well. 

Drawings may be submitted on paper, computer disk, or over the Internet.  AutoCad .DXF files can be directly imported saving time and money.

Automated Plate Processing is capable of supplying the raw materials or will accept customer's material for processing.

Automated Plate Processing, as a subsidiary of the Wilton Corporation Metal Fabricators, has the guidance and experience of a company in business for 25 years.  With this association, Automated Plate Processing can offer your project, at one location, the additional services of:

  • Any metal. Any shape.welding
  • stud welding
  • forming
  • threading
  • galvanizing
  • powder coating and
  • painting

Choose Automated Plate Processing for your company's fabricating, machining, and finishing services.

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